Special Poems

“I am a tree”

I am a tree, a thin one;
of bark and very few leaves;
a tree who wiggles his toes;
into the dirt, but can never settle;
will always fall over;
is too bare to not freeze in the elements.

All you leaves just fall over each other;
I don’t need you, you flaky pieces;
you’ll be gone soon, crushed into the ground;

I’ll just make more;
once I make my place on earth;
my limbs will grow thicker, stronger;
I can keep myself upright;
and I will keep growing for and toward the shining ball above;
me, bright eye of the only man I need;
maybe some of you imagine me hollow;
like a tree that;s been hammered down by a stalk of lightening;
but I am not.

I am full of life;
I am frothing over with green inside.

Composed by Carly Anne Driscoll – May 2010